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Let's Celebrate Hypocrisy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something is bringing more happiness to people than news of Katie Couric's departure from the CBS News desk -- it's the death of Bin Laden.  Those dry-humping frat guys in the streets aren't celebrating a Celtics' win; they're high-fiving because America beat terrorism.  Everyone knows that without Bin Laden, other terrorists will feel dejected and say things during group therapy sessions like, "Well, we gave it a shot" or "I guess we could finally start that bowling league Atwah was talking about."

The celebration has caused a bit of controversy; yet, everyone is taking part in it. released a photo of Obama and his cabinet watching the gruesome murder of Bin Laden (the photo depicts a somber and tension-filled War Room).  

Here's the unphotoshopped version.  Look at it with your favorite Kardashian.


Day # 109 Recipe for Death by Joe Piccirillo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Note: today was the annual running of the Boston marathon.  For those of you who don't live in Boston, here's a breakdown of how things work:

1) people gather around the route and support the runners by drinking, yelling, and throwing up on sidewalks. 

2. Later in the day, they decide to start training for their own marathons, regardless of physical capability 

3) Then, they give up, go home and watch/create hilarious mash-ups of Gadhafi and Charlie Sheen.

In between porn-watching sessions, I'll often browse for fodder.  The living section, a favorite of mine, featured an article about murder mystery/cooking novels that were becoming popular (

Apparently, the characters in the books would mull over murder cases while making a delicious ham.  Sounds delightful, but this trend of food mystery novels is not new.  In fact, I traced it back all the way to the pioneers of food/mystery novel. Below are examples from trailblazers of the genre.  Don't read it on an empty stomach -- your mouth will water.

1. Hilter

2. David Berkowitz



Day # 108: Made in Prison by Joe Piccirillo

Monday, April 18, 2011

I think we can safely say that the difference between a hilariously awkard sexual moment on Seinfeld and a lawsuit/criminal court case is the absence of a laugh track.  In what sounds like a classic Seinfeld moment (which would be discussed ad naseum at the coffee shop), a Los Angeles woman is suing for setting her up with a convicted sex offender who allegedly raped her.  Add a laugh track and a clever nickname, and this guy would be part of water-cooler conversation for weeks (or until another dancing wedding video went viral), but without these things, it's all serious litigation.

According to her lawyer, "Because has failed to 'undertake a basic screening process [emphasis provided] that disqualifies from membership anyone who has a documented history of sexual assault, Match and sexual predators benefit, while female members ... are endangered.'"

In response, the President of issued the following statement: "We use industry-leading technology and have staff members dedicated to monitoring the quality and integrity of the membership pool."

That's true.  In response to the sexual assault, below is's new screening process:


I think the real question is this: aside from the alleged rape, was it a good match?

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