Conan or Bust is the brainchild of Joe Piccirillo and Pete Jackson.

Q: Every time I search for porn, this site shows up. Why is this not porn?
A: Sorry to disappoint you. We know. Some web service tells us that 87% of the people who end up here after searching for porn return to our site for another look. That means that either the site is really good or their standards for porn are really low.
Q: Why Conan?
A: We’ve always liked the late-night format – you write jokes for one day and move on – but we loved his show’s sensibility since its debut: wacky but smart; edgy but not offensive.
Q: Why should I care?
A: I don’t know. You don’t have to.

Q: Did you guys quit your jobs?
A: We both took an official “leave of absence” from our jobs. We were lucky enough to have understanding and cool employers.

Q: Seriously, why isn’t this porn?
A: Sorry. Here’s a fix for you: