Oh good. Finally, someone got it right. By that, I am of course referring to the good people at Vid Stone LLC., the company that invented an electronic tombstone called the "Serenity Panel." Apparently, video screens and speaker systems are built into the tombstone allowing visitors and grave robbers to be entertained by music, photos, and personalized pre-recorded messages from the deceased such as: "Stop stepping on my spine."

We think this is an excellent idea and can't wait for the next, inevitable step: selling ad space on your tombstone as a way of generating income to pay off medical bills... or the tombstone itself. 

Here are some ways to generate revenue using your new Serenity Panel.

# 1. Political Endorsements

# 2. Empire Carpet Commercials

# 3. Facebook Tie-In

# 4. Romantic Proposals


# 5. Applause-O-Meter