Star Wars

For the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (it may also be the 30th anniversary of your virginity, for some of you), George Lucas decided to partner with the federal government by encasing mailboxes with a sticker of R2D2.  I'm not a Star Wars fan, but the principle behind it is just depressing. What's worse is that the success of the program has inspired Lucas to license his Star Wars material to other corporate sponsors. Take a look at the media kits he sent us, then get angry and complain about it on your blog.

# 1. Yoda Pregnancy Test

Tagline: "You are barren, think I."

# 2. Luke Skywalker Dental Floss

Tagline: "The Force alone can't help me win the battle against Gingivitis!"

# 3 Cross-Over episode of Grey's Anatomy in which Sandra Oh visits her much better-looking sister in the cantina.

# 4. Jabba The Hut in Veronica's Closet

Tagline: We've digitally replaced Kirstie Alley with Jabba in all three seasons of Veronica's Closet. Critics and audiences agree: it's guaranteed to induce less vomiting!"

# 5. Light Saber Dildo

Tagline: "May the force be in you."