Rejected Lines from Talking Dolls

When I was a kid, we didn't have talking dolls or animals, we just threw footballs at this fat kid named Gary. But for all of you who love the talking animals, we've compiled audio outtakes from some of your favorite "talking" childhood toys.

(show photos accompanied by audio recordings)

#1. Larry the Laughing Vacuum

: "I would vacuum underneath your bed, but that's where the monsters are planning to eat you."
 #2 Steve Irwin

Outtake # 1
: "Casket sold separately!"
Outtake # 2: "Want to be like your hero, the Crocodile Hunter? It's easy! Step 1: Die!"

#3. Jezebel the Squirrel

: "Singing a song is a great way to ignore the fact that no one loves you!"


#4. Remy from Ratatouille

: "I'm sorry I always look like I'm going to the bathroom.

#5. Pony in the Box

: "Whenever you feel like crying, take a 'grown-up' pill from your parents' medicine cabinet instead."

#6. Donald Duck

: "When you steal some one's wallet, the credit cards are only good for a maximum of two hours."


#7. Max the Dog

: "Let's play fire drill! You go first. Jump out the window!"


#8. Ernest the Clown

: "Your parents tell you not to drink bleach because they want more for themselves.

#9. Larry the Time Clock

Outtake # 1:
"Make time every day to check for head lice!"


#10. Jessica Baby

Outtake # 1
: "I'm just like that Chucky doll. Just kidding! I won't kill you in your sleep."