Rags to Riches

For your daily dose of denial, I provide you with an article in the Wall Street Journal that extols the virtues of rejection. The article lists famous overachievers who have succeeded despite their receiving rejection letters from colleges. The article goes on to list people like Tom Brokaw, Meredith Viera, and Warren Buffet -- people who all bounced back from their Harvard rejection letters by toiling in blue collar jobs. Just kidding -- they simply attended other prestigious universities.

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For example:

Warren Buffet

Rejected from: Harvard
Went to: Columbia
Now: billionaire

Curiously, the WSJ left out a few people. Luckily, we have provided a complete list.

# 1

Steve Smith

Rejected from: UMass
Went to: Devry technical training school
Now: delivers mini-fridges to students at UMass

# 2

Billy Garrison

Rejected from: USC
Went to: jail
Now: dead