Overcoming Obstacles (with Guest Problem-Solver Magic Johnson)

I picked up a copy of TIME magazine and found a Q & A section with Magic Johnson.

If you're not familiar with Magic Johnson, he was the basketball player who contracted HIV in the early 1990's and instead of dying (as was popular at the time), he used his considerable fortune and popularity to not only survive, but thrive.

In the article, Ferdinand M. Perin asks: "How is it that you're still alive?"

Here is Magic's response:

"Well, taking my meds and working out every day. Having a positive attitude. Just as important as the drugs are your mind-set and your attitude."

It stands to reason that if a positive attitude can guarantee health and prosperity, a bad attitude can lead to trouble. We spoke with Magic Johnson to find out just what's been going wrong with the world.


Problem: People Who Can't Afford Insurance

Magic's Take: "People don't need insurance; healing doesn't come from a cast, it comes from your positive outlook on life."


Problem: Economy

Magic's Take: "Needs to hit the gym.  Do some squat-thrusts."


: Paul Newman died

Magic's Take: "Had a positive attitude for a long time, then didn't have one and died. Problem solved."