Oh, Good... There's an iPhone App that Adds Cats to Any Photo

Have you ever seen an animal dressed in a sweater or eating your brother-in-law and thought to yourself: "I wish this animal could be superimposed on my photo of my pushing Grandpa down the stairs!" Well, the wait is over. An internet company has lauched an iPhone app called CatPaint, which allows the user to add cats to any photo on their iPod or iPhone for just $1.

Here is the tagline for the product: "Make ANY photo adorable by adding a cat to it."

We put that theory to the test by adding Wally the Cat to some famous photos.

1. JFK Assassination

"They're right.  It looks like he just has allergies!"

2. Rodney King Beating

"The world will tolerate the beating of a man but it won't abide animal cruelty. Poor Wally."

3. My Lai Incident

"The only incident I see if someone being rude to Wally."

4. Challenger Explosion

5. Jesus' Crucifixion

"This is adorable."