Oh, Good... Cars are Equipped with the Internet

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According to an article on CNN.com, automakers are gearing up to produce cars equipped with a fully functional Internet and display screen; the monitor will fit in the dashboard replacing outdated items like heating vents and speedometers.

I, for one, think this is a splendid idea and spent several minutes thinking of all the new ways to use the technology provided to us by automakers/God.

Fun things to do with the Internet while driving:

1. Find yourself in Wikipedia by looking up "douchebag."

2. Don't honk your horn at the driver ahead of you; IM him a sad face.

3. In emergencies, find the fastest route to nearby strip clubs.

4. Instantly become an I-Reporter for CNN.com by sending in photos of your severed limbs after you crash into a wall because you were surfing the internet.

5. Order Dominoes; have it delivered to your car.

6. Start yelling new catchphrase, "You're Rickrolled" to pedestrians you run over.

7. Traffic light Free Cell

8. Update your facebook profile to say, "...is dead" before losing control and plowing into a building because you were surfing the internet.

9. Distract cops by playing "I'm f**** Matt Damon" video while you hide your weed/cocaine/stolen babies.