Islamic Centers are Built in Places Other than Near Ground Zero

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There is a debate brewing in this country that might elicit more passionate responses than the Dan Vs. Dave McDonald's ads during the 1988 Olympic games: the decision to build an Islamic center (replete with swimming pool) and Mosque near the world trade center site.  

Advocates for the project cite basic religious freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution while detractors cite their feelings -- although most of those feelings should be mollified by free access to the Islamic pool.  

According to a protester vehemently opposed to the construction of an Islamic center:
"How can they build a mosque near something that is so decidedly American."

Good point.  We thought of some other decidedly American institutions that would be tarnished by the construction of a nearby mosque.

(show on screen)

1. Mosque blocking access to the cereal aisle inside your local Walmart

2. Mosque in the alleys where your town hides its homeless people

3. Mosque near your foreclosed home

4. Mosque on the obstacle course of your favorite show, Wipeout!

5. Mosque near "border fence" where you're already busy discriminating against other races

6. Mosque next door to your local unemployment center