Finding Sexy Clothes for Obese People

It's the holiday season, which means that people are eating more and exercising less.  But don't worry, the show How to Look Good Naked is on the case.  The show helps overweight women find the right clothes to accentuate their positive attributes.  The probem, though, is that producers are running out of ideas for how to make these women look great. 

We asked our resident problem-solver Earl how to address the situation. 

(Earl enters stage)

Conan: Hi Earl.

Earl: Conan.

Conan: So, you've found ways to make women look great naked? 

Earl:  I have, Conan.  Take a look at Margot, from the first episode

Here's how I would make Marlo look great naked:

1. Body Blocked by Earth

2. Body Covered by Tarp

3. Body Eaten by Shark

Conan: That's so mean.

Earl: Problem solved.