ConanBot Episode #2: DVD Rental

Conan: Oh man, I forgot to return my DVDs to the video store.  I'll just have to send my robotic proxy, ConanBot. 

(ConanBot enters stage.  Conan gives the robot his copy of the The King's Speech and uses the remote to send him away.)

Cut to:

(Video store.  ConanBot enters and gets in line.  He taunts fellow patrons.  He gets to the register and the clerk asks him if he enjoyed the movie.  Conan responds that it was Oscar material.  The clerk interrupts him to tell him that his copy of She's All That is still overdue.  Conan is embarrassed.  Then, the clerk says that there is a special: 3 Dvds for the price of one.) 

Cut to:

(Adult section.  ConanBot goes through the beaded section and tries to talk to other patrons about which movies to watch.

A few guys try to put an adult DVD in ConanBot so it will play on the monitor.)

Conan: No!  That's not what ConanBot is for.  We'll check back later.

Later in the show ConanBot returns with a bunch of towels hanging from his computer screen.