Celebrity Endorsements # 2 (Holiday Edition)

Celebrities continue to lend their credibility to bad products.  There is a bigger push during the holiday season.  Check out these celebrity-endorsed products.

(show mock-ups of these products)

# 1. Mickey Rooney & Calvin Klein's New Fragrance: Embalming Fluid

Tagline: "Finally, you'll smell how you feel."

# 2. Comic Strip Cathy's Candy Cane Tampons (from Tampax)

Tagline: "Because comfort (and flavor!) count"

# 3. Jared from Subway & Linens 'N Things: Shower "Hoagie" Caddy

Tagline: Subway: eat fresh... while you freshen up.
# 4. Jerry Seinfeld's Menorah

Tagline: "Harnesses the power of ego to light candles in perpetuity."

# 5. Alberto Gonzalez Dry Erase Boards

Tagline: "Wipe them clean just like my memory of potentially damning conversations!"


# 6. Ernest Borgnine's Talcum Powder.

Tagline: "Go ahead and put me, Ernest Borgnine, in your underpants!"