ATM Scams

According to an article on, some ATMs are actually lined with a tracking device that "skims" your debit card information.  The article cautions users not to use ATMs that are housed in "seedy locations like a convenience store without a roof."   I think we all can agree that is sage advice.  

Unfortunately, the writers at neglected to publish a few other places and situations in which one should exercise caution before pulling out one's ATM card.  Thank God for us.

Think TWICE about using an ATM machine that is...

(Show on screen)


... in a crack house


... in a dumpster (especially if Dave Coulier is living there)

3. the back of a pick-up truck


... in front of IndyMac Bank


... really just a guy wearing a shirt that reads "ATM" who says, "Give me your debit card."