Actual Items # 3 (Brooks Brothers Catalogue)

This is an existing bit.

We've searched newspaper ads and circulars from cities across America and collected the oddest products and misprints for your enjoyment.  This week's photos come from the latest edition of the Brooks Brothers catalogue. So weird, we couldn't make this up.

#1. Over-Sized Novelty Foam Finger

"My parents pay for your salary... so do what I say!" 

Note: Works best if user pokes recipient in ribs while demeaning him or her.

#2.  Spill-Resistant Slacks

"Actually splashes stains onto nearby poor people!"

#3. "Trust Fund" Chess Set

"Photos of your father's employees actually imprinted on all pawns!"

#4. Mercedes Golf Cart

"Powered entirely by your sense of entitlement!"