Actual Items # 1

This is an existing bit.

We've searched newspaper ads and circulars from cities across America and collected the oddest products and misprints for your enjoyment.  So weird, we couldn't make this up.

#1. Thrill Zone


"The creative way to tell your kids that Daddy gambled away the family vacation money!"

#2. Memory Foam Mattress


"With the patented Memory Foam system, both your wife and the mattress will never forget about your erectile dysfunction!"

#3. Wall Map

"Make sure your drug mule knows exactly where to make the pick up!"

#4. Skyrest Travel Pillow

"The affordable way to transport your dead relatives.  Just like in Weekend at Bernies!"

#5. Mini Thermostone Rock

"The perfect hiding place for the illegal aliens who maintain your lawn!"

#6.  Toilet Seat Safety Support

"Feel like an Olympic gynmast in your own bathroom!"

#7. Trailer Hitche Stand -- 2 Chairs

"Virgins sold separately."